A walk into Nature

The Carden Alvar holds many treasures. Situated northeast of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, it covers some 7900 acres of protected  land. Formed over 10, 000 years ago when the glaciers retreated, it is comprised of a thin layer of soil on limestone rock. Not suitable for farming, it is now a retreat for a number of endangered plants and animals. It is comprised of grassland, shrubland, forests and wetlands and supports 450 plant species, 142 butterfly and dragonfly species and 238 bird species. (Nature Conservancy Canada)

Thank you to the land owners of this region who have granted their land to the watchful eye of the Nature Conservancy. A note to all who would venture here, wear water proof foot ware. The trail can become a little thin in places, so looking at an online map of the area is helpful.

Wood  lily and Prairie Smoke.

Wood lily and Prairie Smoke.

Alvar grasslands.

Alvar grasslands.


About Dan Drews

At the encouragement of my better half, the blogging thing has taken off. So far it has been a compilation of rants, self exposure, stories, pictures and just plain silliness. after all, I'm 73 and allowed! Always looking forward to the blogs of others, there is so much that needs to be shared, and with that in mind......... Now it is your turn.
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