If it is raining you stay in where it is dry, right? Apparently not! Out we go, 3 rambunctious kids, ages 9-14 and the instigator. Donning rain jackets and umbrellas we head to the trail. Watching children play can be infectious. You do not walk around a puddle, you walk through it. The kids did , that is. There is a limit as to how much fun I can have with wet feet. Despite the cool and the rain, I have to admit I enjoyed myself, thanks to the instigator. It is never too late to enjoy life’s little and simple moments.

I am in my early 70’s, and experiencing new moments are few and far in between. S’mors to the rescue. That sweet, sticky,  gooey sandwich . Goes really well with scotch! Could only eat one; did not want to ruin the scotch. Let the adventure continue. Off to the ‘Rock’ next week to join the “instigator”. Why? See last sentence in first paragraph.

Fire, friends and firsts.

Fire, friends and firsts.


About Dan Drews

At the encouragement of my better half, the blogging thing has taken off. So far it has been a compilation of rants, self exposure, stories, pictures and just plain silliness. after all, I'm 73 and allowed! Always looking forward to the blogs of others, there is so much that needs to be shared, and with that in mind......... Now it is your turn.
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One Response to Firsts

  1. Lily Mugford says:

    It’s always the right time to have an adventure.


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