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A Collection of Travel Essentials. Maybe.

As much as you stuff your suitcase with what looks like too much, something is always missed. Maggie and me just returned from a cruise to Alaska. I have to say, I am really glad luggage bags come supplied with wheels. Mine was reasonable, hers……, my … Continue reading

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When You Come to the End………

This blog is about a musical instrument – not just any huff and puff wind thing, but the king of instruments, the pipe organ. Now before you think this is about a lot of boring facts and info, bear with … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Day of the Dead, A Celebration of Life. No. 7

Many cultural rituals and “celebrations” are misunderstood and shunned by those who do not participate. I have to admit that I fell into that category. Being in Mexico for four months, and being exposed to many strange figures around town, … Continue reading

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Signs, Shingles and Sillies. No. 6

  The store signs of Puerto Vallarta are as varied as the business found inside. No cookie cutter commercialism here, all are original and hand done. Most of these establishments are family run. Walking into one, you are greeted with … Continue reading

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In the Dark of the Nite.

The shadows of night are most scary, When walking about unawary. Seen as dark and deceiving, Convincing you to believing, That you did something possibly urinary? Shadow

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The Wheels of Puerto Vallarta. No. 5

Getting around in PV, other than by Shank’s Mare, can be interesting, challenging and fun. Taxis and buses abound, and will give you a ride to remember,  especially the busses. I swear they race each other to the next pick up … Continue reading

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